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Atlantis Cruises: These are NOT your grandma's cruises - WeHo News

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By P.L. Howard
Combining all the elements of a luxury liner, with a schedule of activities designed for today’s modern gay traveler, a ten day Atlantis cruise of the Mediterranean is definitely NOT your grandma’s cruise. An all-gay cruise is what you make of it. Whether you are traveling as a couple, alone or with a group of friends, the team at Atlantis Events  makes a point of scheduling “something for

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RSVP for a Gay Ol' Time -

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Imagine it: a vacation where a simple gesture like kissing your boyfriend on the cheek or holding your girlfriend’s hand isn’t seen as some sort of “big event” by people around you. If you’re looking for a cruise on a ship filled with gays and lesbians, RSVP may just be the cruise for you!

Since its first cruise sailed out of New Orleans in 1985, RSVP has made providing a safe, tailor-made vacation environment for gay men and lesbians its primary…

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Tips and tricks for navigating the frothy waters of a gay cruise -…

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To very loosely paraphrase 1970s cameo-machine The Love Boat, gay cruising is indeed exciting and new, offering something for everyone who sets a course for adventure. And if your mind’s on a new romance, that can be found there, too. Heck, even Charo’s still a possibility.

While some companies block out a few dozen rooms on cruise lines with nongay itineraries, there are four well-known companies…

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